Many manufacturing companies use Siemens PCS7 in their industrial automation, but Siemens has started phasing out PCS7 V8.2 and V9.0. Most of these systems run on PCS7 V9.0, while a smaller number still use the older version V8.2. What does the phasing out of these versions mean for your organization?

Limited support from October 1, 2024 for PCS7 V9.0

In operational technology (OT) environments, systems often run for decades, and updates and upgrades are costly and time-consuming processes. That is why software versions of OT systems are supported for years. Siemens has decided to limit support for PCS7 V9.0 from October 1, 2024. Without an LSS contract, there is no longer a Siemens support request and the compatible Windows Security Patches are no longer shared with the users.

Siemens Life Cycle Status

Siemens provides detailed information about the phase-out via the following links:

Phase Out V8.2
Phase Out V9.0

Create an OT master plan

Organizations using Siemens PCS7 V8.2 or V9.0 should now consider replacement options. Through an LSS contract, you can buy some time as an organization (1 year), but use that time to determine the right strategy.

Upgrading to PCS7 version 9.1 or 10.0 (the latest version coming soon) is a possibility. In addition, one can consider switching to the completely new Siemens Neo control software, which is the most future-proof strategy. So there are several possibilities. Our advice is therefore: make an OT master plan in which various scenarios are carefully weighed.

Upgrade without concern

We notice that the communication about the phase-out has not been received well everywhere and therefore many PCS7 users are often unaware of what awaits them after the first of October 2024. For those who are informed, there is often uncertainty about the best next steps. 

ICT Group is a certified Siemens Solution Partner for both PCS7 and Neo. 

Recently we successfully completed an upgrade from PCS7 V9.0 to V9.1  for a very large application. This project serves as an excellent example of our expertise in this field.

We are happy to visit you to discuss this further and can then help you draw up an OT master plan.

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