2022 was a highly successful transition year for ICT Group. After almost 30 years of being listed, we finetuned our bearings and optimised our direction under the wings of new owners NPM Capital and Teslin.

On the one hand our new direction was based on the same foundation that has guaranteed ICT Group success for 45 years, but we also increased our focus on a number of market segments in which we believe we can make a difference.

The European sourcing and project activities sustained their strong performance. These developments led to an increase in revenue and EBITDA in 2022, compared to the same period in 2021. Inflow of new recruits has increased and simultaneously our outflow remains relatively stable resulting in a double-digit organic growth.

In 2022 the revenue of ICT Group Holding came in at € 214.7 million (2021: € 182.3 million). The EBITDA came in at € 27.7 million (2021: € 18.4 million).

The company remains fully focused on executing its buy-and- build strategy, combining healthy organic growth with selective acquisition opportunities. Long term market perspectives remain attractive as we continue to believe in the ongoing digital transformation in the markets we operate in.

In our public report you will find more information about our successful projects. In addition, the various divisions explain how they connect with each other. The combination of our propositions, projects, divisions and our team of approximately 2000 employees constitutes the ingredients that will enable us to reach our goals.

public report 2022

Read our public report 2022 here

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