ICT Group supplied an Energy Management System for the ‘KPN Buurtbatterij’ project. The fully automated system controls Nilar’s 100% recyclable batteries. KPN has batteries throughout the Netherlands to deal with power interruptions, but with the advent of green electricity, these batteries also serve a social purpose. For example, electricity can be stored with (too) much wind and solar energy and green energy can be supplied in the event of a shortage. Thanks to this solution, the neighborhood is not confronted with adverse consequences of congestion.

Solar panels on roof

Based on Dexter’s predicted energy imbalance prices, the Energy Management System controls the sustainable, safe, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable batteries.

Charging and discharging the batteries is done via a 240 kW Energy Hub from Ferroamp that is directly controlled by the installed Energy Gateway of ICT Group. To control this Gateway, ICT has developed a smart energy imbalance algorithm that, based on the current battery status and imbalance energy price, makes decisions about charging and discharging the batteries. The battery installation was supplied by Inductecc Renewable Solutions and installed on site by Engie Electroproject in a 20ft container.

With the implementation of the project ‘KPN Buurtbatterij’, work is being carried out on a future-proof and socially responsible solution for the future replacement of the already operational emergency facilities in various data centers throughout the Netherlands. Partly because of this, we are taking a new step together in the field of the energy transition.


The supplied energy management system for ‘KPN Buurtbatterij’ is ICT Group’s own advanced IoT platform: energyNXT. The platform creates connections with devices in the field (batteries, solar panels, sensors, meters, etc.) in order to collect, validate, interpret, combine, optimize data and present is as information that can be used within the above-mentioned energy issues. As a result, organization-wide energy savings are being achieved and measures are taken that lead to substantial and measurable CO2 reduction. The platform aligns energy supply and demand to such an extent that it prevents congestion of the grid and existing connections. This includes providing transparent insight, energy optimization for end-users and managing shared assets.

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