Requirements with regard to water management are becoming increasingly strict. In the past water management activities mainly consisted of managing the water level, however this is no longer sufficient. Factors such as more intensive use of space and water as well as climate change are imposing pressure on water management making proper management of water, in terms of both quantity and quality, increasingly important. In order to ensure a sustainable and efficient level of management of the water system, Secretary-director Eric Jongmans of the Hollandse Delta water authority (WSHD) signed the agreement ‘uniform object management’ with ICT Group (ICT).

The area managed by WSHD consists of five islands and more that 750 measurement areas. The area is managed by infrastructure objects with barrages, pumping stations, valves, inlets and locks. The project involves migrating and creating a uniform Technical Automation (TA) water system with over 475 objects and central systems within a period of four years. The migration is followed by a management phase of 15 years.

ICT uses its solution Waterproof to realise the project. This solution comprises the latest open and standardised telemetrics interfaces, completely integrated with WSHD’s  current Geographical Information System (GIS) and in compliance with the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO).

Water authority Hollandse Delta and ICT Group sign agreement for future-proof management of water system

Eric Jongmans is looking forward to a long-term and sustainable relationship: “Modifying the management of our barrages, pumping stations and other objects enables us to facilitate and improve the way in which we monitor the water in ditches, canals and lakes. This investment is a big step towards making the management and quality of the water future-proof.”

The project has already started and will run until the end of 2023, followed by a 15-year contract for maintenance and management.

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