Business continuity at an international chemical company

Significant improvement by providing insight into processes and standardization

  • 7 June 2024
  • 5 min

In 2021, a large chemical company faced a crucial challenge. They found that more than half of the production lines were in need of modernization. This insight led to the launch of an ambitious Business Continuity Program by ICT Group, focused on standardization and efficient collaboration.

Immediate Action Required

The need for action became apparent when the technical status of critical production lines was found to be uncertain, posing a direct risk to operations. Faced with this reality, the chemical company quickly took action and asked for help of ICT Group for external support and expertise, with the aim of expanding production capacity and mapping the technical state of operational technology, including PLC/SCADA/HMI systems.

Collaboration and connection

The collaboration started with connecting all parties involved and mapping out the 'hidden' maintenance backlogs. The project team collected extensive data on the technical condition of the assets and developed a detailed Business Continuity Program. This program, spread over five years, included a roadmap for funding, budgeting, planning, and actions, all carefully documented in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure the sustainability of business operations.

Optimization and efficiency

A key aspect of the modernization was the focus on Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and the choice of hardware standardization with Siemens equipment. This enabled the chemical company to reduce production costs and improve the reliability and continuity of production lines by using generic libraries that are reusable for all lines.

Standardization as a basis

With the successful migration of the line with the highest production, ICT Group laid the foundation for the rest of the lines. By working through every step, from pre-engineering to testing and lifecycle management, in close consultation, a standardized and efficient development process was created that reduces the lead time for future migrations.

Certainty through Managed Services

The deployment of ICT Group's Managed Services for each migrated line, in line with the agreed SLAs, emphasizes the long-term vision of business continuity. By increasing security levels and fostering close cooperation between all parties, the highest reliability of the production site was guaranteed. ICT Group continued to take steps to maintain confidence and strengthen its position as a preferred supplier.

ICT Group as an IT partner

As an IT partner, ICT Group played a crucial role in connecting, advising and supporting the chemical company by making full use of their expertise and domain knowledge. This project shows how essential transparency, proactive engagement and knowledge sharing are to the success of such enterprises.

The collaboration between the chemical company and ICT Group has not only significantly improved business continuity, but also provided a solid foundation on which the company can continue to innovate and strengthen its market position. This story illustrates the power of insight, collaboration and technological innovation in securing the future of manufacturing in the chemical industry.

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