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Pan Oston opts for cost optimisation of check-out systems

ICT Group delivers tailor-made control management through control box

  • 10 June 2024
  • 4 min

Pan Oston is a supplier of checkout systems at retailers. ICT Group supplies the control boxes that allow conveyor belts to operate reliable at check-out systems. The new generation of boxes is fully adapted to cost optimisation and data for future IoT applications.

New generation of control boxes

Pan Oston is a Dutch company that is specialized in the design and production of customer interaction systems for checkout, self-service and kiosks. Reliable conveyor belts are essential for such systems to ensure customer-friendly, efficient transaction processing. Cashiers and sensors ensure that the conveyor belts starts and stops at the desired times. ICT Electronics, a product branch within ICT Group that focuses on custom electronics products, supplies the control boxes, as a complete product in an enclosure, fully customized according to customer specifications.


Control box

The new generation of boxes has been updated in which cost optimization, configurability and availability of data from the system have been examined. Costs include the initial acquisition costs as well as the operational and management costs. For example, a service technician can now quickly and easily replace capacitors on site.

"Due to the configurability, we are now able to realize customer-specific configurations with different behavior on sensor inputs with one basic product. This fits in perfectly with our current needs. Because ICT Group is also responsible for the firmware, we have been able to implement additional functionalities by means of a firmware update.”
- Pan Oston

Big savings

Arjan Kleiboer is the contact person of ICT Group at Pan Oston. "This new generation of control boxes makes it much easier for service technicians to adjust settings for the conveyor belts, carry out preventive maintenance and prevent malfunctions. ICT Group software runs on his laptop, which allows the technician to read and analyse data on starting and stopping moments and operating times per cash register on site. Retailers are often involved in thousands of components across all stores, so a small improvement quickly adds up to big savings.

"These kinds of complex projects involving software, hardware and housing are our specialty."
- Arjan Kleiboer 

IoT ready

"Our developers at ICT Electronics are in close contact with the specialists at Pan Oston and can directly observe and develop innovations that extend the product lifecycle of components. In addition, we see opportunities for the future to link IoT applications to these systems. Up-to-date data can then contribute to even lower costs and prevent downtime of conveyor belts with preventive maintenance. We supply a customer-specific product that we can fully customize to meet the requirements and wishes of our customer for every application and location. Our service and support guarantees low costs and a long lifespan of business-critical components in a service-sensitive customer environment. These kinds of complex projects involving software, hardware and housing are our specialty. It shows how we make machines smarter and connected with innovative technology."

Pan Oston afbeelding

Pan Oston

Retail solutions partner

Pan Oston is a 100% Dutch company specialising in making and designing check-out, self-service and kiosk solutions for the European and Scandinavian market, focusing on the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Denmark. Pan Oston works for many major retailers, such as AH, HEMA, Action, Delhaize, Subway, Backfactory, Tegut and Føtex. With more than 50 years of experience, our team of over 200 specialists is ready to make the best checkouts, self-service and kiosk solutions for you every day.

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