Manufacturing Intelligence provides deep analyses of business processes through process data integration. The dashboard shows the management where there attention is needed at a single glance. Manufacturing Intelligence increases process speed and lead times, and is cost-efficient.

Various performance indicators 

Manufacturing Intelligence, with the main performance indicators, is an effective tool for production, location, and plant management to adjust business processes. The dashboard shows the management where their attention is needed first, and helps to take proper action to adjust the process immediately. An optimally arranged dashboard contains the right performance indicators, such as production volumes, lead times, raw material yields, energy consumption, quality indicators, costs, equipment indicators, downtime, statistics, trending, and (golden) batch analyses. 

We realise the dashboards with different types of technology through our strategic partnerships. This way, the latest features of these products reach us quickly. Over 20 years of experience in industrial machine and device manufacturing have gained us a profound domain knowledge. The Manufacturing Intelligence dashboard is our powerful IT solution to monitor and adjust business processes.

What makes us stand out

  • Powerful IT solution for business process monitoring 

  • In-depth experience with industrial automation

  • Independent system integrator

  • Strategic partnerships with various suppliers 

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