Software in machines, devices, and vehicles is becoming more and more complex. Model-based testing is the ideal method to develop faultless software and avoid costly test processes. With Axini, we offer a platform and consultancy for Model-based testing within a company's own IT environment.

Moving test process to the start

Business-critical systems have often been in use for a long time. They are constantly being renovated, expanded, and modernised, with increasingly complicated software modules to connect to interfaces and hardware components. They all communicate with each other. The result is often that companies get stuck in their software development. Software errors cost time and money. We prevent this problem with Model-based testing (MBT). MBT helps preventing errors in software development before even a single line of code has been written. MBT's biggest strength lies in moving the testing process from the back to the front end of the software development process. It is of crucial importance to detect and eliminate programming errors in an early stage. This detective work can now be done beforehand, using a standardised model of the intended application. 

Lean automation

With model-based testing, we have automated automation itself: lean automation. We test models of the application before even a single line of code has been written, which is the best moment. In collaboration with Axini and their MBT platform, we offer smart tooling and consultancy to select the most relevant test cases and achieve high test coverage.. This enables you totest systems much faster and more thoroughly than before. Model-based testing does not only speed up the test process, but the entire development process. The system specifications contain fewer errors, and software delivery errors are found immediately. Your efficiency may increase by up to fifty percent.

What makes us stand out

  • Based on the Axini platform
  • Consultancy for Model-based Testing
  • Preventing software development errors
  • Up to 50% more efficiency in entire development process
  • High test coverage

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