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Motar is a low-code platform, based on a MATLAB Simulink Stateflow embedded environment. We help companies to reduce the gap between prototype and production, which enables fast, flexible and model-based development.

Machine and device builders often struggle with long lead times. Development processes are opaque and functional designers and software developers struggle to understand each other. The result is that delays occur and the time-to-market of a product is jeopardized.

Motar responds to this with a low-code platform that makes it possible to work together on one graphical model that can be read by everyone. Thanks to our tooling specialists from different domains, with and without programming skills, are able to work together in the same model and communicate better. The result: fewer errors and more speed.

Fast, flexible, and model-based development

Motar is based on a MATLAB Simulink Stateflow embedded environment. By filling the gap between prototype and production, it enables fast, flexible, model-based development. So companies can not only prototype a model, but on the contrary, actually test developed software directly in the production environment. Is there something not quite right? Then you know immediately and you can adjust the process before you continue. This works much more efficiently, it shortens the time-to-market and ensures a clear cost reduction.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Matlab, we are able to work with you to develop a solution that is tailored to your production environment and requirements, especially in combination with existing systems.

Why choose Motar?

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Proven track record
  • Cost savings
  • Between 20% and 50% efficiency gains
  • Seamless transformation from R&D to production
  • More than 5 years of experience, including at various ASML units
  • Ability to test and adapt developed software directly at all stages of the production process

Win-win situation

We believe in our solution and have already delivered proven results with several clients. That is why we would like to take on the challenge with you as well. Together we determine the possible cost savings and make a proposal on that basis. Your investment depends on the savings we achieve together and will be settled afterwards. A win-win situation!

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