Municipalities and provinces generate a lot of data with their infrastructure. For example, from traffic lights, parking data, through public transport companies, et cetera. The challenge is to convert this raw data into management information. This allows you, on the one hand, to make and test policy and, on the other hand, to make immediate adjustments if you see that a certain situation is not going well. This is complicated; not only technically but also organizationally and from the point of view of data complexity. To channel this complexity, InTraffic has developed the Multimodal Analytics (M2A) approach. M2A is a mobility analytics platform with an associated design thinking approach to approach mobility issues in an integrated and data-driven way.


Whitepaper Multimodal Analytics

In this white paper you will read about, among other things: 

  • What mobility challenges municipalities and provinces (are) facing;
  • Why it is important to take a broad and integrated approach to mobility issues;
  • How Multimodal Analytics supports this;
  • How the Multimodal Analytics platform is structured;
  • Why a design thinking approach is essential for success;
  • What the M2A approach delivers
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