On February 23, 2018, Dutch water authorities Drents Overijsselse Delta and Vechtstromen entered into a framework agreement with ICT Group.

ICT Group will provide the authorities with all software-related services required for process automation for the next four to eight years. ICT Group was awarded this contract thanks to its extensive knowledge of and experience with the water authorities and the requested systems (Alliance partner to Schneider and certified for Mitsubishi), as well as its expertise in information security.

The work involved in process automation is becoming increasingly complex due to the use of modern technologies and the complicated purification technologies required for the treatment of wastewater in order to comply with the stringent effluent quality standards. Joining forces and applying a common standard will promote knowledge-sharing within the water authorities, rather than each authority having to solve each problem individually. Implementation of proven standards across the water authorities will also contribute to quality improvement.

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