Netherlands-based company Remeha, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating and hot water systems and services, has transformed its business model since implementing Internet of Things. The company did not have the technology available to monitor the use of the boilers it sold to its customers. Once they created more connectivity, they could capture data from the boilers and incorporate this into their reports. This allowed the company to keep track of boiler usage and provide effective advice on maintenance.

Their installation technicians completed a predictive maintenance module, which enabled them to deliver added value. The data exchanged by the boilers also reveals information about their long-term usage, allowing Remeha to optimize its products on a continuous basis. This IoT solution provides Remeha customers with greater flexibility and improves customer satisfaction because technical issues can be avoided. The new system allowed Remeha to change from a supplier of heating products to a proactive, innovative big data-driven heating provider.

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