A team of 5 developers (Luboslav Pirsafov, Hristiyan Yordanov, Ivan Hristov, Yordan Petrov, Trifon Statkov) representing the Strypes company competed in the CabSat 2017 appathon and created an innovative app called Linda that won the big award of the international competition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Award winning app 

The Linda app almost removes the necessity to have a remote control device. Ever wanted to simply say “Linda, play CNN” and your TV plays CNN? It is possible with Linda. You no longer need to memorize channel numbers or go through the mundane task of navigating between to find one specific show. Apart from this feature, Linda realizes several other user scenarios. You can search for the show or the game you want to watch, Linda will find the channel on which the event is airing and you will be able to easily switch to that channel with a simple command. Just start Linda and she will give you the exact TV content you want. The app provides even more useful features such as muting/unmuting, checking definitions from Google, searching for YouTube content and more. Trifon Statkov, Software Developer at Strypes, wrote a blog about the competition that you can read here.

Strypes and ICT Group 

Strypes Bulgaria, founded in 2008, is a reputable near-shore company which delivers IT services (consultancy, project-management, development and engineering) through an effective near-shoring model. The combination of market knowledge, skilled professionals and technology specialization enables Strypes Bulgaria to provide best in class solutions for complex technology challenges of its clients. In January 2015 ICT Group completed the purchase of 100% of the shares of Strypes Bulgaria.

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