Thirty companies on the Wasaweg in Groningen are making smarter use of - sustainable - electricity under the name Wasaweg Energieneutraal. The companies are deploying new technological tools that match supply and demand in the street, allowing them to exchange sustainably generated energy. On Thursday 21 June, Alderman for Sustainability Mattias Gijsbertsen performed the official launch of this large-scale energy innovation project at ICT company Bossers & Cnossen.

"This is the first time in Groningen that so many companies are sharing knowledge and innovating together in the field of sustainable energy use," says Gijsbertsen. "Business initiatives like this make an important contribution to our ambition for Groningen to be energy-neutral by 2035."

A key role for ICT Group

Through smart control of all equipment, ICT ensures that the generation and consumption of energy are optimally coordinated. Also, locally generated energy is used locally as much as possible, taking into account the capacity of the network. Smart meters are used to monitor energy consumption. Via Jules Energy, the link to the energy markets is established, maximising value and ultimately leading to lower energy bills.

All control runs centrally via the EnergyNXT platform.
This product was specially developed for this type of application and has previously been used in the projects Energiekoplopers Heerhugowaard and the ongoing GridFlex Heeten project. Those involved households, now the business segment is the target group. At Wasaweg in Groningen, a community of entrepreneurs is being set up.To this end, EnergyNXT has been expanded with new links and controls so that we are fully ready for business energy management in the broadest sense: energy monitoring, savings monitoring, optimisation, battery control, market links, balancing services and special propositions aimed at communities.

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