The water sector faces considerable challenges: to continuously ensure dry feet, clean surface and groundwater and safe drinking water in a changing environment.

ICT has analysed this changing environment in the Water Sector in terms of Technology, Ecology and Demographics. Against this, the current and future possibilities of information and operational techniques were examined. Water 4.0 provides insight into how the technical possibilities meet the challenges of the Water Sector.

Current and future opportunities of information and operational techniques

The insight of future opportunities within Information Technology is based on the leading consultancy in this: Gartner. With regard to this insight of Operational Technology, this is the ARC Advisory Group*. ARC is distinguished by their in-depth coverage of both Operational Technologies (OT) and engineering technologies and associated market trends.

Water 4.0

In what ways can technological innovation and progress now and in the future meet these challenges?

It may be clear that the technological developments examined here do not remove the basis of the bottlenecks of the challenges in the Water sector. It is true, however, that almost every technical development mentioned plays a role in solving the challenges to a greater or lesser extent. Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, Datascience, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence provide the analysis and advice here: what happened, why it happened, what will happen and how can we make sure it will happen*. All devices and applications will become smarter as a result.

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