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Successful support from A.S. Watson during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • 6 December 2019
  • 6 minutes

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are trends that are gaining momentum in the Netherlands as well. On Friday, November 29 and Monday, December 2, it was that time again. ICT Group supported market leader A.S. Watson during this extremely busy period.

A.S. Watson, with formulas such as Kruidvat, ICI Paris XL and Trekpleister, prepared itself for massive crowds in its warehouses in order to be able to process the expected peak in (online) purchases. ICT Transport & Logistics supported the market leader in the Health & Beauty market in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, also during this extremely busy period.

ICT Group’s business unit Transport & Logistics is the builder of the Smart Warehouse Management System (DCS) for the Distribution Centers of A.S. Watson in the Benelux. This DCS system is the IT heart of the logistic processing of all web orders within Kruidvat and ICI Paris XL.

During peak periods such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, it is crucial that all processes in the warehouse continue to run optimally. There is a huge increase in orders on these days and these orders must be processed as quickly as possible to prevent congestion. During these periods of extreme pressure, the team from ICT  is on the lookout to give A.S. Watson the right support.

Thanks to automatic e-mail alerts, ICT professionals receive a notification in case of problems. The team can respond to it adequately, so that orders can still be read and processed quickly. Thanks to the good coordination between functional management, the people on the expedition floor and the ICT Transport & Logistics team, customers of, among others, Kruidvat were once again allowed to receive their orders in a timely and complete manner.

Recently A.S Watson and the team from ICT Transport & Logistics celebrated their 25-year partnership. In those 25 years, ICT has been able to develop and manage the Warehouse Management System (WMS), whereby all products pass through the chain as efficiently as possible. The strength is in the people, the team and in the collaboration. Kruidvat knows what is needed, ICT knows what the options are. We really complement each other.

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