Infrastructure and water projects are often complicated because of their scope and the design modifications in the course of the process, especially if more than one discipline is involved. The APG tool generates uniform software code and documentation for the whole project, which enables you to take control of the issue and modification process.

Database with Single Point of Definition

If the functional working of typicals changes, but the interfaces remain the same, the impact is small. You just need to change the code, and new bulk generation is unnecessary. But when you change the interfaces of a typical, that does have an impact. That does require new bulk generation with special attention to the detail code implemented afterwards. With the APG tool, bulk generation can be done per typical/module, meaning that just a small part of the software is affected. The ‘Topic ID’ function makes important connections between designs, typicals, institutions, E-drawings, and software code, so you can trace where the modifications have an impact. 

The APG tool has a central database for the IA data. It is a database with a Single Point of Definition containing all relevant IA data and the hardware and software typicals. The database structure enforces data integrity. The APG tool has a modular design. You have a plug-in at your disposal per generation function and the ‘look & feel’ of the document templates can be edited easily.

All benefits in one tool

APG leads to several advantages in the execution of projects with software development. The risk of software and document errors is minimised and scope modifications have a smaller impact. Software and documents follow a standard design and layout. Denomination and comments are consistently automated, so that version management can be traced back and you can check the modifications compared to a previous version. You are flexible, while project lead times and costs are reduced. APG combines code development and document generation in one tool. That makes APG the perfect tool for project software development.

APG tool

What makes us stand out

  • Proven track record
  • Independent from platforms​
  • Flexibility in design process
  • Fewer errors, reliable software
  • Source of information from external CMDB
  • Consistent documentation: One tool for design, code generation simulation software, and test protocols​

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