Delivering high quality software on time

The amount of software involved within the car is growing to enormous proportions of 300 to 1000 million lines of code in the near future.

This gives big challenges in the area’s of functional safety, cyber security and software integration. Together with the ever growing rapid time-to-market demands, a solid software development process is required. The Automotive SPICE standard is embraced in the market for evaluating and improving the development processes used in projects

Within ICT Automotive most software development projects are executed on an Automotive SPICE Capability Level 2 or 3. An Automotive quality management system based on A-SPICE v3.1 is in place. Together with a number of certified A-SPICE assessors within our QA-team, ICT is able to deliver high quality software in time.

Standards and frameworks used in our projects

  • Automotive SPICE CL2 or CL3
  • A-SPICE with VDA guidelines
  • ISO 26262 – Functional Safety
  • ISO 21434 – Cyber Security
  • UNECE WP.29
  • Tisax VDA ISA 5.0 – Information security in automotive
  • AGILE SAFe – DevOps  development
  • ISO 27001 – Information security
  • ISO 9001
  • CMMI

Our values with regard to our customers

  • Reliable
  • Trust
  • Taking ownership
  • Quality deliveries
  • Upfront agreements on procedures, milestones and quality
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Flexible to adapt to customer toolchain
  • 30+ years of experience in the automotive domain
  • Training for our engineers to keep aligned with the newest trends

Whitepaper Automotive Software Quality

Download the white paper for more information on this topic.

Whitepaper Automotive Software Quality

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