Battery Management System essential

for Automotive electrification

  • 1 May 2024
  • 4 min

With more and more vehicles becoming electrified, the need for software development in this area is ever growing. Software projects in the electrification domain range from electric power train controls to elaborate safety systems.

One of the systems that is crucial for the safe and correct functioning of an electric or hybrid vehicle is the Battery Management System (BMS). It ensures safe battery pack operation by monitoring cell voltages, temperatures, and state of charge. To meet automotive industry standards, BMS software development is required to follow the Automotive SPICE process and is often subject to the ISO26262 functional safety standard.

Software development for OEMs

Recently ICT Automotive has developed the embedded software for a BMS for a large German OEM in the passenger car industry. The software development project was done for an European Tier 1 that delivered the entire system to the OEM. For the technical specifications and integration ICT Automotive has been directly involved with the OEM.

This versatile high voltage battery management system for the next generation full electric and hybrid vehicles consists of a main BMS ECU based on AUTOSAR platform to allow easy integration of the customers battery charge/ discharge models. Next to the main ECU the system contains up to 15 cell controllers, each capable of handling 15 battery cells. Due to this modular concept, the BMS developed is usable in a wide range of vehicles, giving the customer maximum flexibility, while maintaining safety for the entire battery system.

Automotive craftmanship

It has been ICT’s responsibility to develop this BMS according to ASPICE, from architecture till implementation and from unit testing till integration. All, while making sure the whole development was done according to ISO26262. Our craftmanship resulting from 30+ years of experience in the Automotive domain in both ASPICE, AUTOSAR and Functional Safety were crucial to guarantee that this project was executed efficiently. The BMS project is another great example of our focus and contribution to the digital evolution towards the software-defined vehicle, driven by the global ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared) trends.


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