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Intelligently controlling headlight beams

Essential to enhance the safety of the road users

  • 30 August 2023
  • 4 min

Automotive OEM’s are investing a large budget in R&D to develop features in vehicles which will result in safer and/or more cost efficient driving. Using the newest LED technologies on vehicle headlights will enhance the safety of the driver and other road users.

Intelligent headlight controller

ICT Automotive co-develops Intelligent Headlight Controls for leading Tier-1 suppliers in the industry. The intelligent headlight controller is an electronic control unit (ECU) which intelligently controls the headlight beams of vehicles. The controller is capable to drive a number of high performance LED’s to act as low-beam and high-beam headlight in vehicles. Using sensors and the capabilities to handle each LED individually it is possible to initiate curve-lights or highlight objects on the road. The adaptive beam also can prevent blinding of oncoming traffic. We typically support in the design, implementation and test of the embedded software for Intelligent Headlight Controls.

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Cyber Security

We provide system- and software engineering services for electronic systems that enable access to vehicles, control driving authorization and ensure the availability of comfort and security features within the vehicle. For these kind of projects within the Automotive domain, Cyber Security is one of the most important topics. ICT Automotive provides software solutions protecting vehicles and road users from cyber threats in accordance with UNECE WP.29.

Functional Safety

ICT provides system- and software engineering services for electronic systems with stringent reliability and robustness requirements that ensure stability, controllability and safety of the vehicle, evolving towards fully autonomous mobility, driving and safety. These software solutions have Functional Safety at their core. ICT Automotive is capable of delivering software compliant to ISO26262 up till ASIL D.


We closely work together with our customers in order to develop state-of-the-art production class embedded software with the right quality, on time and within budget. Within ICT Automotive most software development projects are executed on an Automotive SPICE Capability Level 2 or 3. An Automotive quality management system based on A-SPICE v3.1 is in place. Together with a number of certified A-SPICE assessors within our QA-team, ICT is able to deliver high quality software in time.

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