Since January 1, 2022, clients and contractors have been working together to improve safety throughout the infrastructure chain under the so-called Governance Code for Safety in Construction (GCVB). With this governance, safety awareness becomes a mandatory component in tenders and contracts.

The Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) was created as part of this to make the safety awareness of organizations measurable, insightful and comparable. To increase awareness within the chain, certification is not only required of contractors, also for principles. This creates a common and unambiguous approach for the entire sector.

Safety awareness

The Safety Culture Ladder promotes safety awareness and action. The goal is to reduce the number of unsafe and unhealthy situations resulting in fewer incidents such as absenteeism and damage. ICT Group successfully completed the audit in the first quarter of 2023 and achieved level 2 of the Safety Culture Ladder*.

An essential part of the SCL is the awareness of one's own contribution to safety and health in all layers of the organization. This has everything to do with attitude, behavior and culture. Has a setting been created where people dare to express themselves should there be a less safe or unhealthy situation? Is safety discussed and are employees heard?

Using the Safety Culture Ladder therefore has a broad function. It provides frameworks for safe and healthy work for all parties working in the various industries. No distinction is made between clients, contractors or suppliers. Safety is something you monitor together, throughout the chain.

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Safety as a focal point

Safety has always been an important focal point for ICT Group in project execution. Joining the Safety Culture Ladder is therefore an important step that we are very proud of. In addition, we continue to work on achieving the next step as well. This way we make measuring the safety culture in the energy, water and infrastructure sector and possibly outside these sectors transparent and measurable. And that matches perfectly with our approach.

*About the Safety Culture Ladder:

  • It is a standard for objectively measuring a company's workplace health and safety attitudes and behaviors.
  • The ladder is based on five maturity levels of safety culture. Each level of the ladder indicates the extent to which a company's safety awareness has evolved.
  • The SCL measures a company's safety on six substantive themes: Leadership & Commitment, Policy & Strategy, Organization & Contractors, Workplace & Procedures, Deviations & Communication, Audits & Statistics.
  • The ladder is not a standard for analyzing a company's safety management system. But serves as a growth model, encouraging the company to reach and maintain the next rung.

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