The high tech sector is crucial due to its innovative contributions to digital transformation and enhancing quality of life through pioneering solutions and advanced technologies.

ICT Group is a trusted partner for high-tech customers with software challenges in complicated productions processes. We promote and explore emerging technologies that take machine accuracy to a higher level within the high tech domain. This is crucial for digital transformation and allows customers to stay ahead of competition by reducing their time to market.

High Tech

ICT High Tech is committed to help high tech customers with all their software challenges in complicated production processes. We partner with our customers in a complex multidisciplinary environment and provide people-oriented, inspiring and creative teamwork. From our Centre of Excellence, we explore new technologies and concepts in a conditioned environment. This enables customers to work in a screened-off setting, without jeopardizing their own (manufacturing) processes. We do this with a focus on emerging technologies as:

  • Model-Based Testing
  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Digital Twins
  • Data Intelligence

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Machines & Devices

ICT Machines & Devices helps machine builders make their machines smarter and connected. In every area, both in, on and around the machines. From System Engineering to Applications and from Firmware to Machine control. With the ability to thereby provide solutions and support on modern requirements such as security, data connections and cloud and IOT.
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Applied Solutions

As a domain expert we offer applied software and cloud solutions in and around your machine. From low level embedded software to hardware management, all the way to deploying middleware applications and the development of mobile apps and ready-made IoT cloud solutions. Every dream or imagination, we can create it to a deliverable idea and through to a fully functional, viable product.
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Developing medical (software) products and devices asks for specific healthcare domain expertise. ICT Group applies this knowledge in supporting its clients through their product lifecycle, regarding development, interoperability, compliance, security, supporting our clients' business goals as their solid software partner. We are ISO 13485 certified and support you in every stage of the development cycle, from prototype to working and safe medical product.
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