IT is the new playing field for tunnels, bridges, sluices, and dams. New construction, renovation, and management ask for data-driven IT solutions based on the requirements of the civil domain itself. Advice, design, construction, maintenance, management, and replacement now form one, inseparable chain.

One partner for Life Cycle Management

Whether it is about new construction, replacement, or recycling assets, clients and contractors enter into long-term commitments. They can only succeed with a good set-up and management of the complete asset life cycle. And that is exactly what ICT Group subsidiary INNOCY specialise in. A partner that advises and guides clients from the very beginning. We will set up the complete system architecture, including the software, and assess design choices based on costs and management. With our own product TransWarp for software solution standardisation, we reduce the development time and costs for (recyclable) components and reserve extra time for custom engineering work. We are also the client's and contractor's partner with regard to asset concretion, management, demolition, or recycling.

Complete service

We oversee the complete life cycle of complex infrastructure projects and guide clients through all stages of a project. Regarding both realisation and exploitation, we provide services in the area of asset management, project management, safety, data & information, and technology & automation. We think along from the start, we write specifications, we are involved in tenders, and we counsel contractors in tender procedures. After this, we assist clients with the execution of large-scale infrastructure projects or even take the execution off their hands. The goal is always to provide added value that the client can actually benefit from. To achieve that, it is important to know and understand the client's business. Only then can you unburden them and solve problems hands-on.

With the Joost & Tessa Monitoring & Analysis Platform, we visualise asset performance in real time to enable quick decision-making, and we help demonstrate that the right choices were made. Data-driven monitoring is crucial for this. However, we also pay full attention to functional safety for people and machines, managing availability and costs. At ICT Group, all of this is in good, reliable hands and we make the world of infrastructure a smarter place day by day.

Our Products

  • InfraNXT


    Managers and owners of infrastructure assets such as tunnels and bridges are responsible for the continuous availability, safety and sustainability of these assets. InfraNXT enables a proactive, cost-reducing way of working by enriching data generated by assets and thus transforming them into decision information.
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ICT Group covers the full life cycle of complex infrastructure projects within the vital infrastructure and guides clients through all phases of a project. Both in realisation and in operation, we provide services in the field of life cycle management and we design, test and implement software and information systems. In addition, we can maintain these systems 24/7 with our Managed Services.

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