Mark Wednesday 29 May 2024 in your agenda! ICT Group invites you to the ICT Group Smart Logistics Summit at Buitenplaats Sparrendaal in Driebergen-Rijsenburg. This event will focus on IT challenges and opportunities in the logistics sector.

During the day, various innovative solutions to key issues in logistics will be discussed. Including last-mile challenges, supply chain optimisation, emission registration and warehousing logistics challenges. During this summit, you will have the opportunity to take part in interesting discussions during break-out sessions, attend expert presentations and see real-life examples of successful implementations of IT solutions in the logistics sector.


14:30 Opening
14:45 Keynote: Walther Ploos van Amstel - Towards the zero-impact last mile
15:15 Short break*

Break-out sessions:

Nikki Pije - Emission registration: a successful collaboration between Heijmans, Top Sector Logistics and ICT Incore

Dennis van der Schaaf - The HelloFresh route to happy customers

16:00 Break*

Break-out sessions:

Jeroen Donkers - Digital Revolution in Pharmacy: Medication Home Delivery and Remote Care

Orfeo Ost - Innovation in logistics: The strategy to drive efficiency and sustainability. 

17:00Short break*
17:15Keynote: Jeroen van den Berg - Trends in warehousing
18:00Dinner and networking drinks*

*During the walk-in, breaks and dinner, various demonstrations will be given in the foyer.

  • Walther Ploos van Amstel

    Walther Ploos van Amstel

    Chairman Steering Group Cities and Space Top Sector Logistics

    Towards the zero-impact last mile

    Urban logistics is about economically vital and healthy inner cities and residential areas. And now, fortunately, about much more than just zero emissions: less CO emissions, road safety, noise and, above all, less traffic and nuisance in public spaces. Urban logistics must become zero impact.

    The pressure on space and the quest for more liveability, energy transition, circularity, and traffic safety in the city require new solutions. Municipalities are going about it. Companies need to follow.

    During the ICT Group Smart Logistics Summit, Walther Ploos van Amstel presents on how companies can prepare for that future of the last mile to, for example, construction sites, consumers, the hospitality industry and shops. And for the return flows coming from the city. What does this new last mile mean for the first of the supply chain? How do you respond smartly, customer-focused and profitably to all these new requirements?

  • Jeroen van den Berg

    Jeroen van den Berg

    Author and consultant specialising in warehouse management

    Trends in warehousing

    The turbulent 20th century has made it painfully clear that companies have insufficient control over their logistics. To gain more control, companies want their chains to operate as a coherent whole. Replacing just a WMS usually does not get you there. If necessary, the entire IT landscape has to be changed. The latest trend is the end-to-end supply chain. Independent consultant Jeroen van den Berg examined 20 current cases of companies to find out what the objectives and motives are for investing in logistics software.

  • Heijmans


    Emission registration: a successful collaboration between Heijmans, Top Sector Logistics and ICT Incore

    Last year, Heijmans, Top Sector Logistics and ICT Incore joined forces and took successful steps in the field of emissions registration. In this, the construction sector is filling an emphatic pioneering role compared to other sectors. Soon, however, other sectors will also have to comply with legal emission requirements.

    In a 40-minute break-out session, Nikki Pije (Senior Advisor Construction Logistics) will present Heijmans' sustainability efforts and the role the Supply Chain Portal plays in this. Heijmans uses ICT Incore's Supply Chain Portal at its construction sites to support construction logistics, with the Portal now also supporting emissions registration.

    During her presentation, Nikki discusses the importance of having insight into emissions, calculating emissions per trip and making this data transparent to the chain parties connected to the Portal.

  • APPO


    Digital Revolution in Pharmacy: Medication Home Delivery and Remote Care

    Discover how National Pharmacy and Appo Pharmacies are transforming the traditional pharmacy world by adding hybrid and fully online channels. Jeroen Donkers, CTO of Appo Group, shares insights on the challenges, learning moments and solutions to create a pharmacy that can deliver medication 24/7, at any time and in any location, at home or nearby, across Europe. In this session, learn about responding to social trends, the interplay between secure Care Systems in a privacy-sensitive environment with groundbreaking Cloud technologies, SaaS-applications, combined with organising e-commerce logistics and centralised customer service.

  • HelloFresh


    The HelloFresh route to happy customers

    Dennis van der Schaaf is Associate Director of Logistics for HelloFresh Benelux and responsible for the 'last-mile' process within the Benelux. From departure at the depot to delivery to the customer, HelloFresh does everything to give the customer the best service. Dennis will tell how HelloFresh tries to achieve this every day. Various topics such as fleet management and optimisation of the last-mile process will be discussed.

During this event, we will present various demonstrations focusing on our innovative technologies.

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