On Tuesday 15 October, ICT Group will once again organise the ICT Group Water Congress at Green Village in Nieuwegein. Last year, the theme of the congress was ‘Intelligent Water Management: A source of inspiration’. Upcoming edition of the Water Congress will be focused on resilience.

Resilience in the water domain

Today's challenges require resilient water systems. Because how do we build together a water domain that can withstand climate change with excessive rainfall and long periods of drought, pollution of drinking and surface water and all this in the context of sustainability? During the water conference, we will look across various axes at initiatives that exist, projects in the water domain and available technologies and platforms.

  • Maarten

    Maarten van der Ploeg

    Directeur RIWA-Maas

    Keynote presentation: 

    Working together for clean water: The Power of the Clean Maas Water Chain

    Good water quality is essential for our society, for example, 7 million people in the Netherlands and Belgium depend on the Maas as a source of their drinking water. Protecting and improving water quality is a complex task, which is why water boards, water companies and Rijkswaterstaat are actively sharing their knowledge and expertise within the Clean Maas Water Chain. With the help of a joint measurement network and the complete mapping of wastewater discharges by companies, we are getting a better grip on pollution. The basis for this is the Atlas for a Clean Maas, where data and information from all partners are pooled to jointly reduce emissions of pollutants in the Maas river basin. Although true cooperation is easier said than done, in the end you achieve more together than alone!

Speaker: Jeremy Versteegh, HHNK

Healthier water through the reduction of medicine residues in wastewater 

The increasing amount of medicine residues in wastewater has a negative effect on ecological water quality and drinking water production. HHNK has developed a demonstration plant to reduce medicine residues using ozone. Some critical parameters in this process are difficult to measure.  A digital twin helps to predict these parameters in order to make real-time adjustments. The presentation will elaborate on the collaboration between the technologies and how this contributes to the resilience of (future) water treatment plants. 

Speaker: Rolf Appel, TriOpSys 

The Water Boards Data Exchange - the central place for public data around water boards

Data sharing is the way forward for Water Boards. Ten years of data streaming has already brought a lot. The Water Boards Data Exchange provides a central data facility that offers public data to customers and, through its set-up, also increases data quality. The presentation will elaborate on the added value of the concept in the context of resilience and give a look ahead to the future.


Speaker: Henri van de Kolk, Valley & Veluwe

New times call for a new SCADA design 

The merger of two water boards led to the integration of two SCADA and alarm management systems into one central system for all water chain objects. This promotes standardisation, uniformity, recognisability and improved manageability. KPIs and Situation Awareness allow us to work more efficiently. A new process automation team was also established during the project, and there is a physical separation between office and process automation, making the system more robust and manageable. The PA system is no longer disrupted by office applications and there is direct support for end-users. The transition resulted in a modern, versatile system ready for the future, with the long lead time contributing to the quality of the project.

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