On 18 April 2024 ICT Improve will be organizing the 4th edition of the Living Documentation Event (LDE24). This year's theme is "Mastering the Present, Shaping the Future." Join us for an inspiring, interactive fun event where you can learn about the state of practice, state of the art and shaping the future with Living Documentation.

What can you expect?

At LDE24, you can engage in interactive workshops and insightful talks covering various aspects of Living Documentation. The sessions focus on gaining practical experience and are led by experienced professionals. That way, you can learn from different backgrounds and companies. The event provides you an excellent opportunity to gain practical knowledge and inspiration for implementing Living Documentation techniques in your work.


Mastering the Present, Shaping the Future

The theme is "Mastering the Present, Shaping the Future,". Join us for an engaging and interactive event where you can learn about the current state of practice, state of the art and shaping the future. Explore topics such as Living Documentation, Behavior-driven Development, Domain-driven Design, Event Storming, Impact Mapping, Specification by Example, and Test-driven Development.


We are proud to announce the programme for LDE24. The programme consists of inspiring sessions from speakers that are shaping the future of Living Documentation.

The keynote will be provided by Kenny Baas and Evelyn van Kelle. They will dive into the world of DDD and provide an interactive workshop on DDD and Event Storming. A chance to really engage, understand and apply these techniques.

We will conclude the evening with a keynote from Gáspár Nagy, founder of Specflow and Reqnroll. He will speak about what challenges are faced when implementing a living documentation generation tool-chains and how the Reqnroll initiative can provide new opportunities for addressing these challenges.

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If you want to learn about the latest technologies and trends, get inspired for the future, be part of a community of BDD enthusiasts and join Improve for a beer with pizza. Sign up (for free) below to join us at the Living Documentation Event on 18 April 2024. Please note that this is an English event. 

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Recap LDE23

To get an impression of the Living Documentation Event, you can watch the recap of LDE23 here.

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