On 5 and 6 October, ICT Group will be an exhibitor at the Mobility Trade Fair (Vakbeurs Mobiliteit) in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. This is the trade fair with the latest solutions for liveable, sustainable, accessible and smart cities. We would like to take you with us in the field of innovative solutions for infra and mobility.

ICT Group has many years of experience in the vital infrastructure, both in the preliminary phase of large infrastructure projects and in the development and automation of the IT and OT environments. We combine our knowledge and expertise from the Energy, Water, Infra, Public Transport and Rail markets into innovative solutions for the challenges faced by municipalities and provinces in keeping their cities liveable. With the following two solutions, we would like to show you in concrete terms how we do this at the Mobility Trade Fair.

Physical twin

Physical Twin

The infrastructure market is on the eve of a gigantic task to renovate tunnels, bridges and locks. This task is challenging in several aspects, such as the number of objects, the limited execution capacity in the market, the impact on the users and the inconvenience for (shipping) traffic during the renovation.

With the use of, for instance, the Physical Twin, ICT Group wants to show market parties how to approach this renovation task. The Physical Twin is the showcase in which we demonstrate that the entire system integration around the technical part of a bridge/lock combination can be designed, realised and tested, without having to work within the obstruction period of an object.

We do this by combining the following expertises:

  • Reusable software architecture;
  • Separation of functional and technical control;
  • An ICT owned SCADA package;
  • Digital Twin;
  • Physical Twin.

In our stand we will demonstrate the Physical Twin in combination with the Holo-lens, come and try it yourself. Or come to our lecture, we will be happy to tell you more!

Multi Modal Analytics (MMA)

Governments are increasingly deciding that they want to be in charge of mobility in the city (or other area). They want to select the way in which the area is accessible and find the balance between mobility and the other functions that the area has, for example as a pleasant place to live. In order to fulfil this governing role, a great deal of insight is required. We provide this insight by taking a holistic look at the available data.

Within MMA, mobility data from various modalities is collected, validated, processed, combined, analysed and made accessible. In this way, we turn various counts and measurements into decision information.

Curious what Multi Modal Analytics can do for your company? We will demonstrate the Multi Modal Analytics platform at our stand. Or come to our lecture, where we will tell you what we have done for the Municipality of Utrecht! 

Come to the stand or visit our lectures

You will find ICT Group and InTraffic at stand 2.6.10. On Wednesday 5 October, at 13:00, ICT Group will give a lecture on the use of the Physical Twin in renovation projects. And at 14:30, InTraffic will give a lecture on the Multi Modal Analytics platform.

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More information about our participation in the Mobility Trade Fair?

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Herman Kraaij

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Martijn van Aartrijk

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