Sharing the gold inside the Fortress. The follow-up to the webinar building a Fortress in Azure. Now the cloud is secure, but how can we make the data available for integration and sharing with other parties.

Data is the new gold

At ICT Group, we think it's important to keep learning and sharing knowledge. That's why one of our experts will take you into the world of data and application integration in Azure. Arjen de Blok presents: Building an integration Platform as a Service in Azure. How to use Azure to unlock your (on-premise) applications so that they can be used for integrations with other systems or even made available to external parties.

Data is the new gold and being able to quickly integrate different sources accelerates the development of new services or insights. To do this, however, data must be made available quickly, and not just historical data, but also the operational data used to drive a business.

This presentation shows how to use various Azure components to set up a secure and scalable integration platform where you can easily and quickly integrate applications with each other and share and use this data securely and reliably.

This webinar is the follow-up to the webinar: Building a Fortress in Azure. In it, Steven van den Beemt took the audience into the world of cybersecurity in Azure. Would you like to watch this webinar again? You can do so via the button below.

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Building an integration platform (iPaaS) in Azure.

Integrate data between systems and share data with external parties.

How do Azure components such as API Management, Service Bus, Logic Apps and Azure Functions contribute to application and data integration. These Azure components are the building blocks of an iPaaS platform: integration Platform as a Service. iPaaS provides a complete solution for data exchange and data integration between all applications inside and outside the enterprise, both on-premise and in the Cloud. Choosing standard Azure components automatically ensures security, software patches, hardware upgrades and new features as soon as they become available.

It also explains how to use Azure DevOps to fully automatically deploy integrations and track them to business requirements. The testing aspect of APIs is not forgotten either.

All this is based on experience gained with various clients in the logistics domain where insight into the chain and integration with other parties is essential.

arjen de blok

Speaker: Arjen de Blok

Arjen de Blok, an experienced architect specialising in Azure and .NET, has built an impressive career. Recently, Arjen's interest in Microsoft technology has taken him from .NET to Azure. During the webinar, he will be happy to share his experiences with Azure cloud architecture.

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