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ICT Incore offers a SaaS application for efficient supply chain collaboration with a planning and workflow engine.

Efficient collaboration within the supply chain

ICT Incore offers a SaaS application for efficient collaboration within the supply chain with a planning and workflow engine. After its foundation in 2007, the company grew to become a leading provider for the retail sector with its "Supply Chain Portal" product. In addition, its use in the construction and food sectors increased in recent years.

The supply chain field is developing rapidly. As a result, there is a continuous demand for new software functionalities. Because of this continuous demand and thanks to our customers' process knowledge, ICT Incore has been able to realise successful software innovations. 

ICT Incore's supply chain consultants ensure a tight implementation of the software, obviously in close cooperation with our customers, and we remain continuously and intensively involved even after project completion.

ICT Incore is well known in the industry and has a broad installed base of renowned customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Successful companies such as Action, Bol.com, Carrefour, Jumbo, HEMA and Heijmans use ICT Incore's logistics solutions.

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    ICT Incore - Supply Chain Portal

    Supply Chain Portal is a SaaS application for collaboration in supply chain processes. The application has four main functionalities: Supplier Portal, Logistic Control Tower, Logistic capacity planning and Performance measurement.
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