Nearly one in two Dutch people will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. And in these times of tension and uncertainty, symptoms often increase. Yet we talk little about it. As a result, the people we care about can feel distant. And so how do we know how someone is doing? The central government launched the "Hey, it's okay" campaign to draw more attention to mental illness and make it discussable.

Open culture

At InTraffic, we think it is important that everyone is comfortable in their own skin and that colleagues enjoy their work. An open culture and people around you who you can confide in contribute to this. Colleagues Roel and Marijn talk about their experiences.

About his contribution to the campaign, Roel says: "I think it is important that we can also discuss with each other on the work floor if you are not doing well mentally. After all, we work a large part of our lives, and it affects our commitment. Our mental health is not an easy topic to broach; you have to make yourself quite vulnerable. I experienced this myself several years ago during burnout. It is remarkable that 43 percent of people experience a mental illness at some point in their lives, and yet there is still a taboo around this subject."

 watch the video of roel and marijn here 

Whether you suffer from mental illness yourself or know someone: talking keeps people close. It makes you understand each other and can be a step towards the right help. That is why on you can find facts and fables about mental illness and tips for talking about it in a pleasant way.