Lloyd’s Register Rail (LRR) has announced that it has selected iOTA, ICT’s Internet of Things Analytics product, as the basis of the SmartFleet platform for its Intelligent Rail services. ICT delivered the SmartFleet platform and LRR has taken it into operation. Big data is making headway in the rail sector. Rolling stock is fitted with on-board diagnostics systems that register a variety of situations and events. This involves substantial amounts of data. ICT’s iOTA product takes care of the centralised processing and storage of that data and it can also provide various possibilities for analysis of the big data sets. LRR have extensive expertise in the field of materials and processes to translate the raw data into useable information. Consultants from LRR and ICT have together added that expertise to the iOTA solution using a number of specific enrichment and business rules modules.

Alexander Bal, Programme Manager Intelligent Rail at LRR says: “SmartFleet enables transport firms to solve problems proactively and improve the quality of their operations. This is another step in the ongoing improvement of our services using IoT and big data technology. The huge quantity of data also allows us to use Business Intelligence technologies to conduct deep analyses, which in turn benefits our customers. This is another area where our cooperation with ICT will be very helpful.”

Aart Wegink, Sales Director ICT: “Everybody is talking about ‘The Internet of Things’ these days. The iOTA product enables ICT to translate the Internet of Things into added value for Lloyds. ICT’s big data services translate bulk data into useable and manageable information for its clients. So ICT is very pleased that Lloyds Register Rail has used the iOTA solution for this important step in the creation of new services.”

The iOTA platform provides a complete and safe solution for the automated aggregation, consolidation and analysis of this data. iOTA uses the Microsoft Azure public cloud. In addition to LRR, clients such as Heerhugowaard, PowerMatchingCity and GreenFlux are already using ICT’s iOTA technology. The iOTA platform is available in a subscription (pay-per-use, Cloud-based) and in a licence model. (www.predictive-services.com) 

About Lloyds Register Rail 

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