ICT Electronics, part of the R&D Engineering Cluster and formerly known as ERD Products, has recently launched a new website that focuses on their product branch.

Making machines and vehicles smarter & connected

For years, ICT Electronics has been focusing on making machines and vehicles smarter and connected by means of their IoT gateway for electronics products, embedded controllers and the Motar platform. Their small team of specialists focuses on the development and assembly of embedded products throughout the product’s entire lifecycle. They are technology partners of well-known names such as TTTech car, Codesys, Inmotion and the Eindhoven University of Technology.

"This new website, with a focus on our products, enables us to take the next step"

The ICT Electronics team is very pleased with this great milestone. Koen Peppelman, Business Unit Manager: "We are very happy with this next step. The name change into ICT Electronics was already a nice improvement in terms of our units’ recognisability, both internally and to the outside world. This new website, with a focus on our products, enables us to take the next step. We expect that this will contribute to extending and improving current partnerships and, in addition, expand our customer base."

The team members themselves are also very enthusiastic about the new website. Peter Oostewechel, senior hardware design engineer: "The new ICT Electronics website provides us with one, single location from which we can make our various services and embedded controllers visible. We hope that customers will be inspired to give their own machines an ICT Electronics upgrade!"

Johan van Uden, Technical Consultant Motar: "This new website allows us to present all information about Motar to the outside world from one, single location. In addition to technical information, the site presents a wealth of information about model projects that we completed for our customers as well as the various partnerships. This provides interested parties with a clear overview of all the opportunities provided by our wonderful product."

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