In an exciting development, the Maritime Research Institute Nederland (MARIN) is taking significant steps towards revolutionizing testing eco-friendly shipping with its Zero Emissions Lab (ZEL). The ZEL project, initiated in 2017, is now closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

MARIN's objective was to create a facility for testing and configuring propulsion systems for ships that produce zero emissions. Achieving this required a delicate balance between flexibility and safety. To navigate these waters successfully, MARIN sought the expertise of Raster and maritime automation specialists, Bachmann electronic.

A core focus of this partnership was flexibility and future-proofing. Acknowledging the rapid advancements in technology, they aimed to bridge the gap between imagination and practical, forward-looking solutions.

Designing the ZEL presented a unique challenge since there were no prior examples to guide them. However, Raster's innovative reputation stood out. They assisted MARIN in defining crucial safety conditions using the Capella modeling tool.


The ZEL's system, meticulously crafted by Raster, consists of three main parts: the shaft line, a 700 Volt DC-bus, and the utilities section. These components were ingeniously designed to optimize space utilization, even within physical constraints.

This partnership also extends to Bachmann electronic's product range. The ZEL now communicates with seven PLCs, a number set to double soon. Ensuring the seamless integration of all these systems was a monumental task, but Raster achieved it brilliantly, prioritizing the safety of both machines and processes.

Throughout the process of designing this pioneering system, Raster and MARIN encountered and overcame numerous technical challenges. Their collaboration has been truly exceptional, marked by regular meetings and personnel exchanges that epitomize a unique and productive partnership.

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