ICT Incore's Supply Chain Portal is a SaaS application for collaboration in supply chain processes. The Supply Chain Portal has four main functionalities:

  • Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal concerns the functionality for reconciling Purchase Orders between your buyers and your suppliers. This gives the purchasing process more structure and reduces administration.

  • ¬†Logistic Control Tower

The Logistics Control Tower provides scheduling and tracking of shipments from suppliers, carriers and forwarders to logistics operations through any M.O.T.. This makes the inbound flow more predictable and provides more control over what, when, where is delivered.

  • Logistic Capacity Planning

Logistics Capacity Planning concerns the functionality for planning and executing logistics processes. From slot booking to integral DC processes. This ensures more efficient logistics operations and smoothing out the peaks and troughs.

  • Performance meting

Performance measurement governs the measurement of delivery timeliness, completeness and quality to emissions and finance metrics. This creates an empirical basis for process improvement. 

ICT Incore's Supply Chain Portal is leading in the Retail sector and is also well represented in the food and construction sectors.

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