We believe in moving (home-work) mobility towards a sustainable, flexible and future-proof solution for everyone.

New world, new mobility

With urbanisation and technological developments, young generations in particular are embracing the sharing economy. Today by public transport, tomorrow by shared car to the customer and the day after by a combination of lease car, P&R and shared bicycle.

We believe in moving (home-work) mobility towards a sustainable, flexible and future-proof solution for everyone.

  • No more fixed travel allowance: As of 1 January 2021, the fixed travel allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration will be abolished. It is now mandatory to reimburse on a declaration basis with a maximum of € 0.19 per kilometre (untaxed).
  • New Environment Act: On 1 July 2022, the new Environment Act will enter into force, requiring companies with more than 100 employees to contribute to a 25% CO2 reduction by 2030 compared to 2016 in work-related traffic (commuting and business). In 8 years' time, this means that companies must save 25% CO2.
  • CO2 Performance Ladder: The CO2 Performance Ladder is the sustainability instrument in the Netherlands that helps companies and governments to reduce CO2 and costs. The ladder consists of 5 levels. Up to and including level 3, an organisation works on the emissions of its own organisation (and all projects). Companies on the ladder are rewarded with a concrete award advantage in the tender process.

  • End of the OV-chipkaart: At the end of 2023 the well-known OV-chipkaart will come to an end. With the new initiative 'OVpay' you can now travel with your debit card, credit card or smartphone. An easy and accessible way for everyone to travel with public transport.

Benefits for employers

  • One business travel platform
  • Grip on (future) mobility
  • Get CO2 emissions under control
  • Easy administration (tax proof)

Benefits for employees

  • Less administration
  • Freedom of choice
  • Nice to travel more sustainably
  • Feel more vital

What sets us apart

  • One app for all modes of transport
  • Choice of sustainable options
  • Reduce the administrative burden
  • Keep control of your CO2 emissions
  • No (ov-chip) card needed anymore
  • Plan, book and declare within one app

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