Better software and a clear roadmap for OD Security

Better software and a clear roadmap for OD Security

OD Security

  • 27 July 2021
  • 5 minutes

OD Security develops Transmission X-Ray Full body scanners for penitentiary institutions and prisons, customs agents and occasional diamond and gold mines.

The scanners scan incoming and outgoing persons for contraband items that they carry on and/or in their body. The X-ray scanners use minimal amounts of radiation (similar to eating two bananas) to create the best possible image for operators who need to review the image looking for hidden objects. The software for these scanners forms the core of the body scanner system for OD Security and is fundamental for the scanner’s ability to identify suspicious items.

More structure in the software

“Basically, each body scanner does the same thing: it’s an X-Ray scanner that scans a person and generates a scan image,” says Martin van der Kaap, Technical & QA Manager at OD Security. Our clients are organisations that often want to use multiple scanners at the same time or alongside each other. The software must be reliable for both the individual device and within a network of multiple scanners and needs to be easily scalable.” That was not the case with the older software versions.

The previous software version (Delphi) had been developed on an ad hoc basis, creating a proliferation of code over the years. ICT Group has been working for OD Security for more than 10 years, initially mainly by developing in line with the client’s specific needs and requirements at the time. In order to supply larger numbers of systems and to be able to interconnect them, the software required more structure. That would make it easier to scale up, add new features, reduce testing time, and improve the system’s safety.

“Take the maximum daily, weekly and annual limit of radiation a person is allowed to be exposed to during scans, for example,” van der Kaap explains. “When guards work at multiple prison locations, it is important that the devices are all linked to the same database. This allows the body scanners to communicate with each other, thereby ensuring the applicable safety standards for scanning are met.”

“We have found the ideal partner in ICT Group.”

Martin van der Kaap
Technical & QA Manager
Working man

A more structured approach

“We develop high-performance software for clients in all kinds of sectors. An important factor is creating an effective action plan, so as to ensure structured processes and meticulous planning. This is why we are their trusted advisor, based on more than 40 years of experience,” says Marco Boeve, Operations Manager at ICT Group. “We have been working with OD Security for about 10 years and more recently our project-based approach has also become important to them.

That project-based approach was lacking. “At OD Security we were not used to requirements and specifications. More recently, and during this specific project, we started working together in a more project-based manner and we took a more structured and professional approach to a wide range of issues. That was important to us, because otherwise the software would never have been developed in the way it has been now,” says Van der Kaap. Project-based collaboration was an important part of the new approach. ICT Group developed a plan to manage the entire software development process. This made it easier to intervene in processes and take on the project management. As a result, OD Security was able to clearly express their specific questions and needs, which ICT Group could easily translate into a structured approach.

In terms of the software, ICT Group assisted us in switching from Delphi to C#. In addition, a standard image was developed to make it easier to perform maintenance. OD Security benefited from this professionalisation, both for the specific software and for the entire approach and procedure for software development.

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