Monteur van Boon Edam bij draaideur

Boon Edam innovates its business model with conNXT

  • 8 March 2024
  • 5 min

Those who frequently visit an office have likely encountered a revolving door or access gate from Boon Edam. This Dutch company is a global leader in the high-end segment and operates three manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, the US, and China.

Boon Edam has always been a supplier of physical products. With warranty being the only form of service, the company is now rapidly innovating its business model.

conNXT is at the core of this success. All products leaving the factory now come equipped with sensors. Sellers are no longer just selling a door or access gate; they also provide an SLA. Customers can gain insight into the status of their products, as well as visitor numbers and employee counts on different days of the week, through a personalized dashboard.

The result: increased revenue through the sale of digital services. And significant time savings in over 65 percent of the cases of malfunctions. Because in about a third of the cases, the malfunction can be resolved remotely. And in an equal number of cases, a remote diagnosis has been made so accurately that the right technician, with the right skills, is dispatched with the right parts, eliminating the need for repeat visits

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John Koot - Sales and Marketing Director - OrangeNXT