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Boundless Public Transportation Information (GOVI).

  • 29 December 2015
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Travelers using buses, streetcars, subways and ferries will be able to plan their journeys in advance or en route by the travel information they receive through stop signs, travel planners and apps on their phones. This is the result of the GOVI platform, owned by the Decentralized Public Transport Authorities (DOVA).

Through this platform, up-to-date travel information from vehicles throughout the country is transmitted to parties that inform travelers, such as Reisinformatiegroep 9292OV. The management, maintenance and further development of the platform is in the hands of InTraffic.

The result: up-to-date travel information at more than 5,000 stops and the NDOV counters

DOVA provides up-to-date travel information to city regions and provinces via Dynamic Travel Information Systems (DRIS). One example is the DRIS system we developed for . Source of that information are vehicles that send their current position wirelessly to DOVA. This is compared to the established timetable. DOVA converts this into minute-accurate travel information that is distributed to the dynamic stop panels at more than 5,000 stops in the Netherlands and the NDOV counters. Through the NDOV counters, this travel information is available to travel planners and apps on phones. Because the travel information is so up-to-date, a traveler can see via the planner exactly whether he can catch his connection between different carriers. This is unique in Europe.

InTraffic's contribution

In mid-2013, InTraffic built the GOVI platform based on and parallel to the already existing environment. After a three-month migration process, we took over management of the system. Management and maintenance of the GOVI platform is a 24-hour service, in close cooperation with DOVA's Hotline. In addition, InTraffic realizes improvements and new applications, under the direction of the client. One of the new features developed with InTraffic is the Central Stop File (CHB). The Central Stop File collects information about stops and stations. Indeed, since January 1, 2015, stop and station managers and concessionaires have been required to indicate in travel information whether a facility is accessible to people with motor, visual or hearing impairments. This information is again made available to customers through the NDOV counters.

"The DOVA team works closely with InTraffic, the developer and administrator of several of DOVA's central systems. Based on the functional questions and specifications from DOVA, InTraffic continuously performs technical analyses that are then converted into implementations. This cooperation is very pleasant and the quality of the technical analyses and implementations is good."

Thomas Walta – Projectleader development DOVA

Standards: BISON, NeTEx and SIRI

When developing, managing and maintaining travel information systems, our public transport specialists take into account BISON, NeTEx and SIRI standards. In this way, we guarantee a future-proof system for the customer.

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