duurzame energie

Clever IT solutions for sustainable energy

  • 15 March 2016
  • 3 minutes

The need for energy is increasing, while the climate is calling for reduced CO2 emissions. Sustainable energy is the solution, but this brings new challenges.

Both consumers and companies with solar panels, a wind turbine or cogeneration unit can soon become suppliers as well as and consumers of energy. This makes supply and demand more difficult to predict. The increasing use of electric cars and heat pumps too will require a lot of extra capacity from the network.

Intelligent energy grids are the answer to these challenges. They offer the flexibility to mutually exchange energy and the scale to make it profitable. ICT Group offers solutions to make energy grids even cleverer, safer and more affordable. We do this with cloud solutions that coordinate supply and demand optimally and control energy storage, production and consumption in a smart way. Examples here are charging your car when the sun shines or the automatic control of business processes to reduce costs.

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