CorTx software as foundation for development of High Tech products

Revolutionairy solution that is unique in the world

  • 13 November 2023
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CorTx is High Tech software that forms a crucial link in radiotherapy. As a result, the turnaround time of the intake and workflow of 10 days decreases significantly and at the same time the quality of the treatments improves. A technical in-depth solution for numerous projects and applications, medical and non-medical, that is unique in the world.

Revolutionairy solution

For the treatment of tumors, hospitals use proton radiotherapy in specific cases, an innovative form of radiation that better preserves healthy tissue in the vicinity of the tumor. In order to be able to guarantee the quality of the radiation treatment for the treating radiation oncologist, an extensive preliminary process of about 10 days is necessary. During this planning process, a lot of different data becomes available, including CT scans of the tumor, which is crucial for treatment. Due to manual transfer of data, the risk of errors and delays cannot be excluded, which is very undesirable for the patient. The question, therefore, was whether it is possible to minimize the risk of errors and at the same time significantly shorten the entire planning process. This necessitated a new look at the patient-doctor-machine. With CorTx, ICT Group's system architects and software developers have laid the foundation for a revolutionary solution that significantly shortens the planning process. CorTx also has the potential to have a similar impact for other medical and non-medical applications. What makes CorTx so special?


Frank van der Kruijssen is a system architect at ICT Group and has been involved in the CorTx project from the beginning. He explains what is unique about CorTx: "The power of CorTx is threefold. In the first place, the planning process has been translated in detail into a digital workflow and data flow that takes the interaction between the treating physician, the patient and the machine as a starting point. The radiotherapy is extremely precise, so the patient's position during the radiotherapy must be exact and completely stable. CorTx provides the most up-to-date and accurate information to ensure this and to control the treating radiation oncologist and machine. Secondly, the data container concept, which we developed ourselves, makes it possible to quickly take steps backwards and forwards in the treatment process while retaining the right data. We allow (imaging) data to travel with us, as it were, and exclude human error. In architecture, we had already prepared these so-called re-iterations. Third, CorTx allows you to fully model the workflow. The doctor is given a to-do list to complete, including the correct required data, and can meticulously record the planning for the machine and all treatments in a radiotherapy patient record."

"We develop, but also act as advisory, strategic advisor to our clients, because we know their market and needs. We often see through their problems before they do."
- Frank van der Kruijssen, System Architect


"It's precisely because of its simplicity that CorTx is so good. CorTx is a necessary link to make it possible to monitor and adjust the radiation data in real time during the treatment process. After all, the tumor already changes position and size during radiation and with the data that this provides, we can immediately adjust the treatment plan instead of entering a new 10-day planning process. We also call this 'adaptive radiotherapy'. Based on up-to-date data, CorTx then directly controls the apps and tools as well as the workflow. I think it's unique in the world. What has certainly contributed to the strength of CorTx is that it has been developed entirely according to the latest, 2nd generation DICOM standards in order to be able to store medical image information error-free, safe and accessible. As a result, we can use CorTx for any proton treatment delivery machine that meets DICOM standards, but also for conventional photon emitters. This greatly reduces development time and minimizes the risk of errors."

“This is why we come to ICT Group. CorTx is a very innovative, game-changing solution.”

Very well received

A manufacturer of medical equipment has now started using CorTx and is very satisfied with the result: "This is why we come to ICT Group. CorTx is a very innovative, game-changing solution." Frank: "CorTx also made a big impression at the ESTRO and ASTRO exhibitions, which are important for radiologists, this year. At High Tech, we are now working on new features, including AI applications, which also makes CorTx attractive for other medical applications and even beyond. Our technical expertise and domain knowledge within healthcare and other areas offers customers the guarantee that our solutions are robust and stable in their field. We develop, but also act as advisory, strategic advisor to our clients, because we know their market and needs. We often see through their problems before they do. We laid the foundation for CorTx years ago. In the meantime, we have made so much progress with our expertise, innovations and new technology that we can safely label CorTx as a 'one of a kind' with which we can carry out repeatable and scalable projects for a variety of customer issues. A solution for emerging technologies that has no equal in the world."

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