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Finding the right way to customers in one go

Destil Prolians

  • 24 January 2022
  • 7 min

DESTIL Prolians is the wholesaler for the construction and industry sector. DESTIL Prolians stands for quality, expert advice and a high delivery reliability for construction-related products. Since August 2007, DESTIL Prolians has been a part of the French multinational Descours & Cabaud.

DESTIL Prolians has 36 branches, 350 employees and a range of more than 150,000 articles. Customers can quickly obtain the goods they require because DESTIL Prolians works on the basis of "Ordered today, delivered tomorrow". DESTIL Prolians' customer base includes companies in the building trade, mechanical woodworking, interior design and industry.

““Digital delivery via mobileNXT is the next step in the sustainability process for DESTIL Prolians” - Alex Oomens, Manager Operations, DESTIL Prolians

Increasing the service level, through greater insight 

Just like wholesalers in other markets, the construction and industry sectors have an increasing need for real-time insight into the delivery process. Wherever possible, they want to do away with all the paperwork, manual processing and associated errors that arise during the delivery process. DESTIL Prolians particularly wanted to increase the service level to its customers and have more control and insight into the status and delivery of its products. The ability to quickly follow up MOBILENXT CASE 'With the help of mobileNXT, the construction and industry sector are supplied with the right products at the right time.' on exceptions and deviations within the delivery process is a requirement to remain competitive in this day and age. "After the first meeting with DESTIL Prolians, it was immediately clear that mobileNXT was a perfect fit for DESTIL Prolians' delivery process," says Patrick Nesse, Business Development Executive at OrangeNXT. "Apart from the realisation of an interface, the desired functionality was fully available within mobileNXT".

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‘DESTIL Prolians products’ find their way to their customers in one go, thanks to mobileNXT

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