Traffic and transport: the lifeline of our society

Traffic and transport: the lifeline of our society


  • 16 August 2021
  • 5 minutes

Different modes of transport form the lifeline of our society. Safe, sustainable and predictable transport systems contribute to our prosperity and wellbeing. Information technology (IT) is a crucial element to ensure quality and optimal use of this transport infrastructure.

Complex information and control systems for traffic and transport

InTraffic is responsible for the development and maintenance of the complex information and control systems that run our transport systems. In close collaboration with our clients and partners, our professionals are proud to work on inspiring IT-projects that help run these transport systems as smoothly as possible. Personal development and (mutual) respect are in the core of our organisational culture.

The full  software lifecycle for Traffic Management, Infrastructure Monitoring and Travel Information

InTraffic designs and builds applications for Traffic Management, Infrastructure Monitoring and Travel Information. Our approach is one of innovation and we aim for the highest of quality. We offer support during the full software lifecycle: innovation and consultancy, software development, integration, testing,  management and maintenance.

A lifetime of experience in traffic and transport

Founded in 2003, InTraffic was a joint venture of ICT Automatisering, a company specialising in IT, and the engineering company Movares.  Over the past decade we have grown into an independent and solid organisation. Since 2018 InTraffic is a full daughter of ICT Group. Toghether we strengthen our position in Smart Mobility and Smart cities.

The philosophy behind InTraffic is one that stresses the necessity of a specialised organisation that is able to achieve a high level of quality in knowledge of the traffic and transport domain combined with IT expertise. Our experience in developing and implementing software solutions in public transport dates back to the 1980’s. This proves to be of crucial value to our clients in the market of traffic and transport. We are, therefore, proud to consider ourselves thé most capable and reliable IT specialist in traffic and transport.

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