The ICT Group Digital Transformation Program helps you successfully make the step towards a promising future in which People, Process and Technology are one. Book the Digital Transformation Program Pitch and take your organization along in the most ambitious change of the moment.

The phase of non-committal pioneering is over

For many, the digital transformation has long been a distant prospect, a dream of the future. The paperless office, the autonomous factory or the 'dark factory', a factory that literally works in the dark, without heat, light or other facilities for human labour.

We have now passed the pioneering phase. The first projects and Proof of Concepts have been completed and show that we are ready. The technology has proven itself. The next step is the organization, because the digital transformation is an organization-wide project and that is not an easy task. With our Digital Transformation Program we help you get started, with the right technology, a flexible IT infrastructure and appropriate support for an impressive change.

A new way of working 

Digital transformation is something you do together, with the entire organization. There is no place for individuals or islands. That is why we advise you to operate agile, but also cautious. Yes, functions are disappearing, such as operators, but new functions are coming back, such as data analysts. Roles will change: the requirements for the digital transformation will play a role in decision-making and budgeting. You get team members as forward posts on location, employees who carry and promote the digital transformation locally. Communication becomes very important. With showcases you substantiate internal marketing, convince staff and prepare them for the impact of change and the perspective that digital transformation offers. We assist you with the change this means for your organization. We think business driven from the central organization. We start with 1 process at 1 location and only when the business case is there, we roll out to other locations. Step by step we take your organization along in the change process, where you can rely on our expertise and experience.


  • Increases production capacity and product quality of assets
  • Extend asset uptime and lifespan
  • Reduce material wastage, incidents, energy consumption and harmful emissions
  • Respond in a timely manner to laws and regulations, cyber threats, labour shortages and global market developments

How do we approach it?

Together we operate from the framework we have developed for digital transformations, including both technological and organisational change. In doing so, the business case will always remain valuable. That is why we monitor it continuously, so that you keep track of the goals achieved for the business, organisation and technology.


Management buy-in

ICT Group has the knowledge and skills to successfully start and supervise the program for you. We invite you to make a concrete start, to shape the Digital Transformation Program for your organization. A new way of working for Business, Organization, Technology (in that order). These are the challenging goals we face together. This requires change management, supported organization-wide and starting from management. Sponsorship by the CEO and Management buy-in are the right signals to support the digital transformation at all (management) layers within the organization.


A good start is a use case in which we tackle a pain point and create value on the smallest scale, locally. That doesn't just have to be value in euros. Think of an operator who now manually keeps track of a process on a daily basis, which is no longer necessary. This gives free for a special project, such as detection of deviations in that process, a dashboard for real-time monitoring or the opening up of operating hours. Relatively simple use cases that make the potential of the digital transformation (local) immediately clear and create fans. With one use case, we already outline a horizon that appeals to the imagination throughout the organization and increases engagement with the solutions of the future.

Other potential projects are access to data for everyone, data-driven operations for predictable maintenance and, in time, autonomous & remote operations from one central control room for all factories. In this context, the Sustainability KPI regulation that will come into force in 2024 is already a very concrete project in which data and continuous reporting play a major role. The digital transformation lays an indispensable, solid foundation for this.

Book the Digital Transformation Program Pitch

Learn about the possibilities of data-driven operations, paperless offices, autonomous factories and 'dark factories'? Know what digital transformation can do for your organisation? Invite us for a pitch of exactly one hour and, above all, challenge us with your issues and business goals.

Digital Transformer of the Year 

The promises of the future for today's challenges. We were again voted Digital Transformer of the Year this year. It's the passion for technology that connects us. With over 45 years of in-depth expertise of industrial automation, we know the needs in the markets and the challenges. We have the people, knowledge, experience and technologies to make the necessary steps.


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