I can both fulfil the role of architect and continue programming here

Wouter Lok, Technical Developer at InTraffic

  • 22 March 2021
  • 4 minutes

Wouter Lok chose to work for InTraffic after completing his HBO degree in Technical Computer Science and master's in Computer Science.

"I had done an internship at Philips and discovered that your own role in the overall picture is not so clear at such a large company. That's why I wanted to work for a slightly smaller company, preferably one that has social impact. I had several employers to choose from. I chose InTraffic because this company works on complex systems that you don't understand overnight. I like that complexity, it triggers my curiosity."

Continuously looking for challenge

He started his career as a Java developer. He has now been a C++ specialist for several years. "It requires a different way of thinking and is also more complex, you have to take more things into account. I like that, because it gives extra challenge. You have to stay sharp all the time."

Currently, Wouter is part of the ETIS team. InTraffic develops this system for ProRail as part of the new international train standard ERTMS. "In my role, I think about the architecture and design aspects of the system, at the same time I am still a programmer. I like that combination. I can think along at a higher level about the technical design without having to give up my passion for programming. In addition, I also mentor juniors in this role."

InTraffic works on complex systems that you don't understand overnight. I like that complexity, it triggers my curiosity.

Wouter Lok
Technical Developer at InTraffic

System Integration

Recently, Wouter also became part of the system integration group. "This group has knowledge of the entire ProRail landscape. We know all the separate applications within the chains and how they interact. We think along on architecture and if there are any incidents, we assist ProRail's operational people to solve them." Wouter himself had indicated that he would like to develop more in this area. "As I said, I like to understand how complex systems work, but also how they work together in the bigger picture. I think it's cool that I can oversee the big picture. It is a responsible role. In case of a complex failure, there can also be some pressure. I like that, that's what gives me energy." This makes the role as a system integrator a good complement to his primary role as a developer.

A lot of freedom

Wouter is very happy with the freedom he gets from InTraffic. "On the one hand, the freedom to develop in the direction I like. And on the other hand, the freedom to choose how to do your work. There is no 9 to 5 culture here. For example, I personally like the fact that now that I work from home I can take a longer lunch break every now and then. In our team there are two colleagues with children who had to homeschool during the lockdown of the schools. All of that is possible. The deal is: let your colleagues know when you're available and make sure you get the work done as a team."

He feels very comfortable in this culture. "We are very open to each other. You can voice your opinion about anything. We help each other and learn from each other. That makes for a lot of job satisfaction."

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