BMA, a subsidiary of the ICT Group and specialised in ICT solutions for healthcare in the field of obstetrics, is introducing MososNXT CTG.

MososNXT CTG is a web-based CTG system that integrates seamlessly with any EPD. A CTG provides an easy way to check the condition of a child in the womb. Thanks to the complete integration of the CTG data in the EPD, health care providers have a complete set of the information on mother and child at hand in one single environment.

Integration of CTG and EPD data

MososNXT CTG offers multiple advantages in several domains. Midwives and gynaecologists have a complete set of data available in one, central location: the EPD. Everyone benefits from the advantages offered by working with specialised software, without experiencing the drawback of ‘yet another system’. The quality of healthcare improves while at the same time efficiency increases. Asking a colleague for advice becomes extremely simple with direct access of CTG traces using a phone or tablet.

What’s more, MososNXT CTG provides an Analysing Centre. This is particularly handy for midwife practices that offer CTG registrations at home or in their clinics. The Analysing Centre allows them to share a CTG automatically with a gynaecologist, who can view the CTG from a separate location. The gynaecologist receives a signal when the CTG needs to be assessed, and subsequently the midwife sees the assessment straight away and, if necessary, can take the required action immediately. This is how MososNXT CTG contributes to decentralised healthcare.

Simple and secure access

Because MososNXT CTG is a web-based system that includes an interface with all available EPDs, the IT department does not need to pay any attention to the solution’s management. The software can run in a public or a private cloud, or in a data centre of a hospital. Gynecologists and midwives can have secure access to the CTG data by means of single sign-on, and hospitals that offer a patient portal can make the CTG data available via this portal.

In addition, MososNXT CTG helps in reducing the total cost.

Specialised expertise in the domains of CTG and web-based software

BMA, which is a subsidiary of ICT Netherlands, developed MososNXT CTG in collaboration with Medlife, an Israeli company specialised in web-based CTG solutions. BMA has 35 years of experience with CTG monitoring systems and has a customer base that is located throughout Europe. Joining the expertise of the two companies enables them to meet their customers’ demand for a specialised CTG solution that integrates seamlessly with their EPD more efficiently and faster than ever before.

MososNXT CTG Fits seamlessly in BMA’s product portfolio for the total cycle of pregnancy and birth.

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