The programme has been finalised! The Smart Industry Summit on 21 June will have a wonderful line-up of speakers. They know better than anyone what the digital transformation is going to bring and are happy to share their knowledge, experience and lessons learned. Data analytics & intelligence, robotics, supply chain integration, AR, VR, cyber security, business continuity, lifecycle management, everything will be discussed during this special summit.

We have again been chosen as 'Best Digital Transformer' of the year this year and our keynotes and speakers perfectly reflect this. On 21 June, we want to take another challenging step together. We cordially invite you to attend and look forward to seeing you there.

Our speakers

  • Keynote: Richard van Hooijdonk, futurist
  • Tom Ploeger, DSM. 'Global harmonisation of OT systems'
  • Robin Kobesen, COSUN. 'Turning real-time factory data into real-time insights'
  • Marijn Grevink, Mars. 'Even the 'dark factory' is about people'
  • Robèrt Theune, ForFarmers. 'Working data-driven on The Future of Farming'
  • Jean-Paul van den Bliek, Sabic HPP. 'Business Continuity Programme: Insight & Action'
  • Jeroen Willemsen, MARIN. 'Zero Emmisions Lab. Learning on the MBSE job'
  • Roel van de Camp, Organon. 'LCM is now standard in our DNA'
  • Joep van den Tillaart, Sebastiaan Geijtenbeek, Kruidvat and Pipple. Algorithms and data science supply chain
  • Theo Mosch, HHNK. 'IoT as a technique for monitoring in the PA domain'
  • Keynote: Ruud Timmermans, ISA. 'Why standards accelerate Digital Transformation'


  • 13.15 - Walk-in
  • 14.00 - Welcome and introduction
  • 14.15 - Keynote Richard van Hooijdonk, futurist
  • 15.00 - Session 1, choice of 3 speakers
  • 15.30 - Break
  • 16.00 - Session 2, choice of 3 speakers
  • 16.45 - Session 3, choice of 3 speakers
  • 17.30 - Keynote Ruud Timmermans, ISA.
  • 18.00 - BBQ and networking drinks
  • 20.00 - End summit

More information and registration

Don't miss it, the future of Smart Industry. For more info and registration go to the event page.