Getting to know your colleagues better. Enjoying the beautiful scenery in the Netherlands. Working on your own health. And then also raising money for charity. By sponsoring the Charity Day of the Leontienhuis, ICT Group does it all.

The Leontienhuis provides targeted and effective care to young people with eating disorders and their families. The organisation depends on donations. That is why ICT Group sponsors the annual charity event, in which participants raise money for charity by walking and cycling.


Sponsor of 'day of connection'

Over three days, a wonderful amount was raised for the fight against eating disorders. ICT Group contributed by sponsoring the third day, the family and friends day. This day is all about being active together with the people you care about. "It is not so much about the sporting achievement but mainly about the social aspect, about the connection," says Leontien van Moorsel founder of the Leontien Huis. "That involvement is also what I see reflected in ICT Group as a company. That's why it suits them so well to sponsor the third day in particular."


Partnership Leontienhuis and ICT Group

Leontien van Moorsel is very happy with the money raised, but especially with ICT Group's involvement. "Because ICT Group supports us much wider than just with a financial contribution. It really is a partnership. ICT Group realises how important it is to pay attention to (mental) health. What better way to do that than by having a fun day together with your colleagues and being active in the outdoors?"

The charity ride is part of the Go for IT campaign of ICT Group. Please read more about our Go for IT campaign.


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