ICT Group has joined the WIB (Working-party on Instrument Behaviour). This move marks a milestone for ICT Group and underscores our commitment to innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration in the industry.

A community of innovators

The WIB is a leading platform that brings together a wide range of professionals and organisations. Members of the WIB are end-users, engineering contractors and system integrators, creating a rich mix of knowledge, experience and expertise. They operate in a wide range of industry sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, utilities, and more. ICT Group values great importance to innovation that responds directly to the needs and wishes of customers. This approach allows us to understand first-hand what our customers really need and how we can tailor our innovative solutions accordingly to provide maximum value.

Benefits of membership for our clients

  • Reliable decision-making: Access to unbiased reviews and expert reports helps ICT Group to make informed decisions about technology solutions and services.
  • Quality assurance: By participating in a network that represents common interests and shares knowledge, ICT Groupcan ensure that it stays up to date with best practices and the latest technologies, which improves the quality of service.
  • Access to specialized knowledge: Participating in working groups and learning from experts within the WIB enables ICT Group to continuously improve its expertise, which directly benefits customers through the application of the latest insights and techniques.
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities: Our customers benefit from the broader networking and collaboration opportunities offered by the WIB. This can lead to new business opportunities and partnerships.
  • Advocacy and representation: Membership of the WIB allows us to influence industry-specific issues that are important to clients, ensuring representation of interests at higher levels.

Looking ahead

ICT Group's accession to the WIB is more than just a membership. It's a commitment to continuous growth, innovation, and collaboration. By joining forces with other leading organizations and experts in the field, ICT Group is committed to advancing the quality and efficiency of industrial automation and process control. 

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