The new system is expected to increase the efficiency of data collection, streamline the quality control process and facilitate data analysis. The system is based on the LogicNets Medical Decision Framework.

SHM monitors HIV-positive individuals in care in the Netherlands. SHM has a nationwide team that gathers specific, anonymized data necessary to support the Dutch HIV treatment centers and drive important national and collaborative international research. SHM selected the LogicNets system because it is used by a range of healthcare and technology organizations as a platform through which they can cost-effectively capture their unique protocols and workflow rules. LogicNets is designed to integrate with external systems and incorporate its advanced processes into the larger organization workflow. LogicNets applications are delivered and supported in the Netherlands by LogicNets’ exclusive integration partner, ICT.

The decision to implement the LogicNets platform was made after intensive and solid research. One important criterion was SHM’s wish to be able to modulate protocols themselves, a feature that is standard within the LogicNets system. In addition, SHM sought a solution that is flexible and could easily be adapted to extend future data collection, potentially also covering additional disease areas.

SHM states: “LogicNets meets all our main requirements and gives us the opportunity to future-prove our data collection and quality control processes. We are looking forward to the cooperation with LogicNets and their partner ICT.”

We feel confident that, in close cooperation with SHM, we can establish a solid solution for data collection and quality control.

“We feel confident that, in close cooperation with SHM, we can establish a solid solution for data collection and quality control. Implementation will contribute to the HIV research process and consequently help to improve patient care.” Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Group.

About SHM

Stichting HIV Monitoring (SHM) makes an essential contribution to healthcare for HIV-positive people in the Netherlands. Working with all HIV treatment centers in the Netherlands, SHM systematically collects anonymized medical data from all registered HIV patients. SHM uses these data to produce center-specific reports that allow HIV treatment centers to optimize their patient care and obtain formal certification. SHM’s data also form the basis for the yearly HIV monitoring report and are used in HIV-related research in the Netherlands and internationally. The outcome of SHM’s research provides tangible input into HIV care and prevention polices in the Netherlands.

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