ICT Group colleague Léon Huijsdens, along with Theo Mosch of Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK), was interviewed by Robert Heerekop for his podcast "The IoT Conversations" during the 2023 Water Congress.

Léon and Theo elaborate on the IoT project that ICT Group carried out for HHNK. In this project, water sensors were placed in meadows, ditches and in a pumping station to measure power consumption and vibrations. The measured values provide information about the quality of the pumps; they can be a reason to do technical maintenance. The results are displayed in Azure, ConNXT, a product of subsidiary OrangeNXT

For HHNK, this was the first IoT project and therefore an experiment. Normally, water boards like HHNK use standard OT technology for monitoring and controlling the water assets. IT technology such as IoT, Azure, ConNXT offers many opportunities in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Furthermore, the podcast discusses the challenges that water boards are facing and how the use of IT technology can address them. Like sustainability, climate and aging of the population. 

Léon and Theo also presented at the ICT Group Water Congress in 2022. There, a standard architecture of data-driven working within water boards was presented. When realizing such an architecture, as a water board you have to make choices what kind of supplier to involve. Do you opt for a traditional OT supplier or do you involve a party with hydrological systems and knowledge? Or will you do it yourself, with a cloud platform, for example?

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